Sunday, 14 January 2018

Sequencing of Events - Activity

Sequence Flashcards

Everyday events like catching a baseball, going to school and drawing a picture are represented in these sequence flash cards. They are for three-step sequencing of events that are familiar to children.  I made them in black and white also and included a sequencing writing sheet. It is available here at my TpT collection.

three-step sequencing three-step sequencing

Sequencing of Events Activities Sequencing of Events Activities

Friday, 12 January 2018

The Five Senses Free Coloring Pages

The Five Senses Free Puzzles

Hi, folks! I hope 2018 has started off well for you. Every January, is a time for new goals and habits but for me, this month makes it 7 whole years of making printable resources so I'm celebrating with this freebie. It is a set of five black and white coloring pages for the five senses but they can also be used as puzzles. Get it here (free download) at my TpT colllection and thank you for visiting (at my blog).

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Picture Books

MLK day is observed on the third Monday of January each year and it's almost here! This is a quick list of picture books about Martin Luther King Jr. for kids that are engaging reads for children across different reading levels. These books provide a lesson in refusing to give into hate and violence. These issues can be difficult to teach your students, but having a book as a guide helps tremendously. Books like these can serve as conversation starters and they can provide a joyous lesson of hope. 



Friday, 22 December 2017

New Year's Day Book Lists

New Year's Day Book Lists

These are a selection of books that teach about different New Years Day Celebrations and traditions around the world. I started with Squirrel's New Year's Resolution because it's a huge favorite with my students. Chinese New Year books are also included.


Chinese New Year books...

Have a happy new year!

Free New Year Goal-Setting Printables


Free New Year Goal-Setting Printables are here for you to help your students settle into the new year 2018. It also includes a craftivity which involves listing the positive traits that your students need to emulate this year. This can also be modified into a bulletin board display showing everyone's desired traits. There's also a section for students to keep track of their goals and reflect on their progress as they try different methods of achieving their goals for the new year 2018. This file updates each year and it is free! So get your free copy here from my TpT Store! Happy new year!


Free New Year Goal-Setting worksheet 2016  Free New Year Goal-Setting Printables 2016

Free New Year Goal-Setting Printables 2016 Free New Year Printables
Check out my New Year's book list; books for students to read about the new year day celebrations around the world including the Chinese New Year! 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sequence Puzzles - Fall Themed

Sequence Cards - Fall themed

These are Fall themed sequence puzzles made for three-step sequencing of everyday events that happen during Thanksgiving and Fall/Autumn. It has 36 puzzle pieces to form 12 puzzle strips. Your students can sort them starting with the first strip, putting the three pieces together in the right order, study what's happening in each picture, then write about it in the lines provided on the sequence mats. I would highly recommend this set as an introductory lesson for sequencing because they are clear and simple and the puzzles are self correcting.  It is available here at my TpT store.

Sequence Cards Fall Theme Sequencing Activity - Fall theme

The mats and puzzles are in both color and a black and white version bundled in a zip folder.

Sequence Puzzles and mats in blackline

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